Golden Globes: Will Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Come Back?

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Remember when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler basically just owned at the Golden Globes? Oh, right, of course you do. That's not something people easily forget.

Well, given their display of good-natured hilarity — which was probably a welcome change of pace from the endless brutality of Ricky Gervais, at least for the would-be victims — and the strong ratings the pair reeled in during their turn on the stage, it's hardly a surprise that NBC wants its resident funny gals back for another round. 

According to Deadline, while the ladies have no contractual obligation to return to the hosting stage, the network — which housed Fey's beloved "30 Rock" and still runs Poehler's "Parks and Recreation" — has extended an "informal invitation" out to them as a little feeler for their interest.

But while they were enthusiastic about getting the gig the first time ...

... they (tear!) just might have a little too much going on to make it work again next January. After all, Fey's busy slinging together a new TV show and movie, while Poehler's still knee-deep in the thick of Pawnee politics.

But don't faceplant into the waffle stacks in sorrow just yet because it definitely could still happen. Unlike the Oscars, which Fey has said a resounding no to the very idea of hosting, the Golden Globes gig isn't a months upon end commitment. So, fingers crossed!

In the meantime, someone be sure to give Taylor Swift a crash course on having a sense of humor, ya know, just in case.