'CBGB' Clip: Kiss Rupert Grint's Wizard Butt

Fall brings us so many movies to be psyched about, but let's get specific about one thing to look forward too: Ron Weasley's pale wizard ass on full display in "CBGB."

Yes, Rupert Grint drops trou in the rocker movie, in which he plays a musician in the Dead Boys, a band that toured through the legendary New York City club. Why does Harry's BFF need to don his booty? To prove that he's a natural redhead, of course. Don't just take our word for it, go ahead and watch the exclusive clip above, courtesy of our friends at MTV News.

"CBGB," which also stars fellow Hogwarts alum Alan Rickman, Donal Logue, Ashley Greene, Justin Bartha and Bradley Whitford, will rock theaters on October 11.