'The Hobbit 2' Trailer with LEGOs is Mind-Blowing

What is it about matching LEGOs with fantasy-ish movies that gets us nerdy types so jazzed up? Anyone?

Well, whatever it is, there's now a badass LEGO trailer for "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" that almost makes up for the fact that we haven't seen anything new from the movie since, well, the trailer upon which this thing is based was released back in June (Peter Jackson's just been way too busy, ya'll).

Even though they kinda made Gandalf look like a ragey serial killer ...

Gandalf Hobbit 2 LEGOs Trailer

... it's still really, really rad because it not only syncs up perfectly with trailer numero uno, but this Brotherhood Workshop (via Cinema Blend) made some pretty creative little moves to make it work.

Like this little moment when the Dwalin the dwarf takes a wild barrel ride through the rapids as flying elves fling tree to tree up above to keep up.

The Hobbit 2 trailer GIF dwarf

Water's gotta be tricky to emulate with blocks, ya know? But these clever YouTubers opted to pluck out a zillion of the tiniest little silver pieces and swish 'em around to create the effect very nicely.

The Hobbit 2 LEGOs trailer gif dwarves

Goodness only knows how long that must've taken to execute, but thumbs way up.

Oh, and here's the original trailer for reference if you wanna cross-check like we did (which we totally recommend because it's darn good fun to see them going at the same time).

"The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" hits theaters on Dec. 13.