Fleshless Celebs Is the Next Gross Yet Awesome Internet Thing

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Remember Actresses Without Teeth? Well, this is easily ten times more disturbing. Not to mention, it's probably not even close to what you had in mind when imagining what Mila Kunis and these other Hollywood hotties would look like without any clothes on, right fellas?

Thanks to the evil geniuses over at The Onion, fleshless celebs is now a thing, people. And while it's completely mad and gross and heeby-jeeby as all get out, well, we kinda dig it.

'Cause, let's be real here, there's nothing quite like taking 'em down an innocent peg or two by way of meme-ing and such when they're that ridiculously gorgeous by nature (and botox, probably). We normies just need a little light-hearted entertainment every now and then, and hey, it also serves as a little reminder-poo that these peeps are totes mortal and human and have the same innards that we do.

Oh, and science stuff too. Win! It's about education, guys.

The question is, do you recognize your favorite stars without all that perfect dermatology? Take a gander at this gal — don't screen past the pic, lest ye be spoiled — and see if you can guess who it is. Hint: Some say it's all in the eyes with this screen siren, but we think the pouty lips give it away.

Kristen Stewart without skin

If you recognized a skinless Kristen Stewart, A+ for you. The "Twilight" lady definitely looks the undead part here ... ba dum ting.

There are many, many others who got similarly web-flayed for this game, so head to The Onion for a whole lot more of this appetite-diminishing picture fare!