Shailene Woodley Chops It Off for Charity

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YA queen-in-the-making Shailene Woodley has long sported some rather luscious locks, but last week she decided to chop it all off in the name of charity (and a film role, but who's counting). To that we say, "you go, girrrrl."

Woodley, who completed filming on "Divergent" for which she lightened those tresses in July, has been preparing for her next book-to-film role as a young cancer patient in "The Fault In Our Stars." Rather than wig it up for the part, Miss Shai — that's what the cool kids seem to all call her these days — figured why not lop off the real stuff for someone who might need it?

Choosing Children with Hair Loss as the target of her mini-mane campaign, Woodley blogged that she and the "Fault" filmmakers "decided that this could be a beautiful opportunity to rally the troops of mankind and ask for some warriors to help contribute to the cause." That awesome cause, by the way, distributes free wigs to those brave kiddos who've lost their own hair due to cancer or burns or the like.

Woodley then live-tweeted all the cuttery start to finish on Friday.

Note: "Divergent" author Veronica Roth also piped up about Woodley's decision here to assure her readers that the sequel "Insurgent" will be a-okay sans the leading lady's lock length (since hair has always been kind of a sticky subject among initiates). She wrote for fans concerned about it to "remember that Tris hacks off her hair in the beginning of book 2. Not that it’s that important, but: lucky coincidence!"