Imagining What Each of the 39 Producers on 'The Butler' Did

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That's right — "Lee Daniels' The Butler" has 39 credited producers to its name, and it isn't just Lee Daniels 39 times. We're not sure if this is a record, but we are sure that it's a lot of f**king producers.

So what, exactly, did each producer do for the movie? In a NextMovie exclusive, we've obtained a verified* list of the various roles each producer filled during the production of the film. Needless to say, each was wholly necessary to the quality of the end result.

*NOTE: By "verified" we mean "not verified."

Horatio Bacon: Responsible for convincing director Lee Daniels to not film the movie in 3D.

Julia Barry: Responsible with supplying the production office with the proper Nerf guns for anticipated downtime.

Len Blavatnik: Responsible for assaulting any "nerd" who insists on putting another "s" after the apostrophe in the film's title.

Charles Sauveur Bonan: Responsible for saying to everyone he knows, "What, are you gonna see 'Jobs' that weekend instead?" while laughing.

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James T. Bruce IV: Responsible for laughing loudly at Robin Williams's off-handed jokes when not filming.

Lee Daniels: Responsible for putting his name in the title.

Elizabeth Destro: Responsible for purchasing a car online with her own money whenever Oprah wanted to give away a car.

Cassian Elwes: Responsible for imitating Lee Daniels's voice on the commentary track of the DVD.

Eric Falkenstein: Responsible for reducing the amount of letters needed to be typed into the Google search bar to get "Lee Daniels' The Butler." (Eric got it down to "lee d".)

Michael Finley: Responsible for accurately counting the number of producers on this film.

Allen Frederic: Responsible for saying, "Actually, it's 'Lee Daniels' The Butler'" when anyone around set called it simply, "The Butler."

Manos Gavras: Responsible for the creation of the X-Box 360 game, "Lee Daniels' The Butler" (rated E for everyone).

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Aviv Giladi: Responsible for assembling the on-set PA's into a line of human floorboards whenever Oprah was on set so she wouldn't have to walk on the floor.

Adonis Hadjiantonas: Responsible for physically hunting down people who write satirical articles about the movie on the Internet. (Editor's note: Bring it, Adonis. BRING IT.)

Wil Haygood: Responsible for being Forest Whitaker's nephew and securing him for the film.

Andrew Herwitz: Responsible for randomly piping into on-set conversations that Mariah Carey "definitely deserves to be there."

Valerie Hoffman: Responsible for the creation of Lee Daniels's Twitter account (she was never asked to tweet anything).

Vince Holden: Responsible for fetching John Cusack Nature's Valley Granola Bars whenever he demanded them (which he did a lot).

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David Jacobson: Responsible for going to as many shows as possible, waiting until exactly 38 minutes in, and whispering, "God, what a movie" to whoever was next to him at the theater.

Brett Johnson: Under the username "LD4LyFe," responsible for correcting people on IMDb message boards who would refer to the title as "The Butler."

Sheila C. Johnson: Responsible for contacting Sting in order to record, "Gracefully Yours: The Music From the Motion Picture 'Lee Daniels' The Butler,' by Lee Daniels," the primary single from the soundtrack for the movie.

Jordan Kessler: Responsible for loudly mocking Tyler Perry on set whenever the situation allowed (usually to raucous laughter).

Kim Leadford: Responsible for being on the drunken end of "Sure, you can be a producer, too, I like you," from Lee Daniels on the night of Saturday, December 1, 2012.

Harry I. Martin Jr.: Responsible for constantly asking John Cusack if his sister Joan was also available to play Lady Bird Johnson.

Adam Merims: Responsible with copyrighting "," just in case anyone else took it.

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Christina Papagjika: Responsible for holding off the throngs of adoring middle-aged women who would crowd around set whenever it was Oprah's day to shoot.

Buddy Patrick: Responsible for occasionally humble-bragging the vastness of the film's budget to people at craft services.

Ari Daniel Pinchot: Responsible for projecting this gif on a big screen in the production office at all times.

David Ranes: Responsible for tackling anyone on set who mentioned "The Raven" around John Cusack.

Jonathan Rubenstein: Responsible for repeatedly telling George W. Bush, "No, sir, you're not portrayed in the movie" whenever he placed a call to the production office.

Bobby Sain: Responsible for saying, "Who told you that? No, you definitely look like Eisenhower" to Robin Williams whenever he looked in the mirror and started talking to himself in-costume.

Matthew Salloway: Responsible for appearing on Sean Hannity's show on Fox News to deny that the movie had anything to do with the promotion of black people in the white house.

Simone Sheffield: Responsible for the pre-emptive planning of "Lee Daniels' The Butler 2: Back in the Saddle," due in theaters September 2014.

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Hilary Shor: Responsible for telling people in a reserved tone "We don't actually have a free food processor for you" whenever Oprah would randomly promise people a free food processor around set.

Warl W. Stafford: Responsible for keeping a VHS of "Forrest Gump" playing on repeat on a 22-inch television outside director Lee Daniels's office.

Danny Strong: Responsible for purchasing a thousand foam "LD BUTLER #1" hands for everyone who worked on the movie after finishing first at the box office in its opening weekend.

Pamela Oas Williams: Responsible for assuring that no Pixar movie opened the weekend of August 16.

R. Bryan Wright: Responsible for taking all calls from the Nixon family asking why John Cusack of all people was playing Richard Nixon.

Laura Ziskin: Responsible for being another producer to give dailies to for no reason other than just to screw with the PAs.