A-Rod May Get Cut From a Cartoon for Using Steroids

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The hits keep coming for suspended Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, and no, we don't mean homeruns.

A-Rod's in a big pickle, so to speak, for his admitted use of the juice (steroids, that is), having been suspended by the MLB for a whopping 211 games — a sentence which he is currently appealing, by the way — as penance for the rules violation. And now, it looks like the shamed gamer might be getting yet another bit of punishment for the wrongdoing: being axed from the animated movie he worked on, "Henry & Me."

Yep, according to The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Ray Negron told journos at a New York City screener for the film that A-Roid Rodriguez's portion might get trimmed out of it altogether, despite the fact that such a shift would cost an arm and a leg and take several months, because the very presence of the disgraced athlete could cause issues for promoting the pic.

You see, "Henry & Me" is a sort of do-gooder project, telling the story of a kid named Jack who's battling cancer and happens to be a fan of the Yanks and donating profits to the various charities selected by its cast.

Alex Rodriguez was but one of several players and personalities chosen to appear in the flick, but all the controversy surrounding his past performance-enhancing drug use may have investors spooked enough to willingly endure a lengthy delay and additional cost to snip him out of it ... especially since his brief role was said to include an inspiring moment where he hits a homer thanks to the brave little tyke. Oops!

"I love Alex Rodriguez, but I love kids more," the EP explained of the not-yet-final decision. "We just don't want to get caught up with everything that's happening right now. The message that we are trying to relay to kids is too important that we don't want to get caught up with that."

While the hour-long movie, which also serves to shell out some Yankees history to its young audience, was originally meant to go straight to DVD but is now looking at a limited theatrical run. But that might be set back quite a bit if the money guys decide to push through with the snip snip.

"If that's what has to happen here," Negron said, "that's what has to happen here from the standpoint of what's best for the team. The team being children who are going to be seeing this for the rest of their lives."

In ump-speak, you are (probably) outtttttta there, A-Rod.

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