'Vampire Academy' Trailer: We're Not at Hogwarts Anymore

Hey, can someone grab Harry? Harry Potter? Messy hair, glasses, robes? Oh. Different school, we guess.

Welcome to "Vampire Academy," a decidedly different version of the ol' supernatural high schoolers trope so popular with young adult fiction these days. As the title might suggest, these hallowed halls are dedicated to the education of young bloodsuckers.

The lesson we learned from this first trailer for the feature is uttered in voiceover: "Blood is family. Blood is pain. Blood is death."

Um, A+, we guess?

Expect to see a lot of fangs, plenty of dramatic, special effects-laden action sequences and tons of comely young ladies dressed in outfits that we certainly didn't see parading the halls of our high schools. Don't expect to see too many textbooks, we assume, despite the pic's academic title.

While we can't say there's a ton of plot revealed in the trailer (other than the fact that There Will Be Fangs), the novel the movie is based on revolved around teenage Rose (Zoey Deutch), who is half human and half vampire, going to school to learn how to protect her vampire pal Lissa (Lucy Fry). Danila Kozlovsky, Olga Kurylenko and Sarah Hyland also star. Mark Waters directed the flick.

"Vampire Academy" is set to bow Feb. 14, 2014. Place your bets now for how many times "love sucks" and/or "Valentine's Day sucks" will be used in the marketing plan.