'Fading Gigolo' Trailer: Woody Allen Is A Pimp

How does an Average Joe get two mega, mega hotties like Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone to want him? At the same time even? Easy. Charge 'em a thousand smackers for his "services" and pretend to be a total pro at the ménage à trois.

"You're an experienced lover. Why shouldn't you get paid for it?" That's the logic of Woody Allen's bookseller-made-pimp hustler character as he tells his sole client, John Turturro (who also wrote and directed the flick) as a shy but super cash-hungry fifty-something, that he's essentially signed him up for sex slave duty in this first trailer for "Fading Gigolo."

"Of course, I saw myself getting a small fee," he adds after coaxing the wary gent into the lascivious business scheme. Pretty soon, the ladies are ready to get a taste of the goods, so to speak, and it's up to Turturro's Fioravante to put on a good sack show for them.

"Everybody needs contact. They need love, they need affection," Allen's Mr. Bongo insists to justify taking advantage of such vulnerable women. We'd say "whatever helps ya sleep at night, pal," but he looks rested and totally guilt-free about his new line of work so no need.

Anyone familiar with John Turturro's prior work, however ...

... ahem, might understand his hesitation over considering himself desirable enough for the gigolo gig. But apparently he pulls it off because soon enough Vergara's character's getting pretty hardcore about it.

By the way, this is the first time Allen has starred in a film written and directed by someone else since 2000, when he appeared in "Picking Up the Pieces."

Liev Schreiber, Vanessa Paradis and Bob Balaban also star in the film, which will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.