'Star Wars Parkour' Is As Amazing As It Sounds

As most of the waking world is aware, there is a "Star Wars" version of pretty much everything — cereal, gangsta rap, "Call Me Maybe" — so, sure, it makes sense that a few incredibly athletic people who live near a desert would make a crisply-edited "Star Wars Parkour" video and upload it right onto YouTube. Color you unimpressed, right?

But then you click "play," and your life changes almost instantly. Maybe it's the straight-outta-Alderaan outfits. Maybe it's the "Ewan McGregor in 'The Phantom Menace'" haircuts. Maybe it's the fact that they seem to have filmed the video on planet Tatooine itself.

For me, it was the music. Specifically, the fact that this incredibly intense, momentous, "Ben Hur"-esque slow music plays over footage of these 5'7" guys in "Star Wars" outfits doing front flips over boulders in a desert. If this contrast was set up intentionally by the filmmakers, then job well done, guys. You are the George Lucas of parkour videos.

If it wasn't? Well, they should still be awarded a medal from Carrie Fisher in front of a thousand extras.

Make sure to watch until the end for an extra fantastic (and appropriately nerdy) touch.