'Monuments Men' Trailer: George Clooney Is Building a (Handsome) Team

Here's a theory we'd like to put out in the universe: George Clooney's handsomeness is made exponentially more handsome when he surrounds himself with other handsome people. That's why he does it so often. It's like a brain trust of handsomeness.

It would seem the glow from Clooney's star turns in super-handsome ensemble flick "Ocean's 11" and its sequels has faded slightly, so he would like to head to the handsomeness bank and make a handsome withdrawal. (OK, sorry, done saying handsome now. Just once more: handsome.) Enter "Monuments Men," stage left.

Clooney pulled a three-fer on this one: He stars, and he wrote and directed the movie, effectively reserving his front row seat at this year's Oscars right about...now. The first trailer, which gives us peeks at the dazzling array of co-stars (Matt Damon, John Goodman, Bill Murray and Cate Blanchett, to name a few) assembled to protect art from Nazi destruction in WWII. U-S-A! U-S-A!

"Monuments Men" will be released December 18.