Matt Damon Talks About 'Elysium' and Fighting Iron Man

Exoskeletal armor is all the rage these days, or so we've heard. "Elysium," Matt Damon's latest film, due out August 9, is proof of armor's status as the latest fashion must-have.

Of course, there's always the debate over who wore it best, or in this case, who would win in a fight: Damon's Max, who wears the armor to survive and strengthen him in "Elysium," or the original man in the iron suit, Iron Man — Robert Downey Jr.

Naturally, NextMovie was dying to know what Damon thought the outcome of a suit-on-suit battle would be, so when we sat down with the star to chat ahead of the release of "Elysium," we had to ask.

"Downey's my friend, we couldn't fight each other," Damon said diplomatically. "We'd work it out, we'd talk it out. We'd put on the suits then talk it out."

Watch the interview above for more on the uses Damon found for the suit, his blooming bromance with Benedict Cumberbatch and what elements he finds essential to summer movies.