'Her' Trailer: Love Against the Machine

There's always that person who complains that kids these days are just so attached to their phones. Can't anyone just look up anymore? Must we be texting at the dinner table? I bet you can't even read a real map. What's so smart about smartphones?

That complainy phone-hating person is going to have a field day with this trailer for "Her," Spike Jonze's latest feature.

Starring Joaquin Phoenix as a lonely dude post-breakup (and who wouldn't be upset after losing someone like Rooney Mara, who plays his ex) and the sultry voice of Scarlett Johansson, "Her" is a love story for the times: The story of a man falling in love with a voice inside a machine. Ahem, sorry: "artificially intelligent operating system." Our bad.

The first trailer for the flick was released today, and we're loving it in a big way. It's sweet as Phoenix falls slowly in love, then gets right up to the line of uncomfortable as he and robo-Johansson creep up to borderline cybersex. We're having flashbacks to "Lars and the Real Girl," in a good way. A dash of that movie, a pinch of "Lost in Translation" and a whole lot of anticipation.

"Her" is set to debut on Nov. 30, 2013.