Watch This Guy Try to Recreate 'The Notebook' Rainy Kiss Scene With Randos

You might not have heard of this dude Jarek before, but you should know that he's got moves like Jagger Gosling.

Our suave pal Jarek figured that if he can't actually be Ryan Gosling, then the next best thing must be to mack like The Gos, "The Notebook"-style. He set out with a camera crew and a strategically placed sprinkler, then invited women on a boardwalk to tell him whether they found kissing in the rain romantic. Well, duh.

As one woman in the video wryly says, "It's about to start raining, isn't it?"

Indeed it is.

Cue the montage of Jarek gettin' his smooch on with many of the ladies of the boardwalk, including a young lady at 3:34 who really escalates the situation quickly and leans in for the full McAdams, legs-around-the-waist and all.

Let's just hope this dude had plenty of chapstick and a clean bill of health before setting out on this little science experiment, is all we're saying. And we're still waiting to hear how often, exactly, he wrote to us. Make an effort, guy.