Poster: What 'Elysium' Would've Looked Like With Eminem

Matt Damon is on the shortlist for a lot of Hollywood's hottest roles. However, the "Bourne" star wasn't director Neill Blomkamp's first choice to play the part of Max in "Elysium" — that honor went to hip hop star Eminem, of all people. Eminem made a splash with his leading man debut in "8 Mile" (2002) but has since been out of the Hollywood limelight, only stepping in front of the camera again to play an exaggerated (well, not too exaggerated) version of himself in Judd Apatow's "Funny People" (2009).

In honor of what might've been if Marshall Mathers had accepted the role, we've conjured an alt-world version of the "Elysium" poster below. Lose yourself in it.

Eminem in Elysium