Supercut: Denzel Washington Guarantees He'll Make...Guarantees

Ahhh, Denzel Washington — we've seen him play almost every role under the sun. From a tough-as-nails veteran railroad engineer to an ambitious, and still pretty tough-as-nails, football coach, Washington is not a stranger to role diversity.

But one thing you can almost guarantee in a Washington film is him making...well, guarantees. And lots of them. Whether he's insulting a group of rowdy footballers or reassuring a 10-year-old Dakota Fanning, Washington has a penchant for promising and — more often than not — literally saying the phrase "I guarantee." We guarantee it (puns, puns, puns!).

Don't believe us? The dudes over at Film Drunk noticed this pattern and decided to make a little supercut of Washington doing what he does best. And he delivers each guarantee so differently — some with a smile, some stone-cold serious...even one with a kind of creepy laugh. The man deserves an Oscar based on his guarantees alone. Guaranteed. (OK, we'll stop.)

Check out the mashup above, and take comfort in Washington's assurances. We certainly do.