'Bad Milo' Red Band Trailer Likes Big Butts and It Cannot Lie

There's nothing Hollywood loves more than high concept movies. You know, things like "a shark attacks a tourist town" ("Jaws"), "a kid's toys come to life" ("Toy Story") or "snakes on a plane" (the can't-accuse-this-title-of-being-misleading "Snakes on a Plane").

But sometimes there are stories that are so freakin' weird, even Hollywood can't wrap its collective mind around the thing — such as the, um, plot-line explored in this new red band trailer for the indie sensation "Bad Milo," via Yahoo! Movies.

Are you ready for the uberweird answer to "what if a monster crawled out of your butt?"

Yeah, that's correct. Starring Ken Marino ("Children's Hospital"), "Bad Milo" tells the story of a guy named Ken who gets so uptight, his hemorrhoid turns into a raging monster named Milo. And when Milo begins acting out Ken's repressed revenge fantasies, bodies start hitting the floor...  and your lunch probably starts trying to make an immediate escape from your stomach.

Presented by indie darlings Mark and Jay Duplass, "Bad Milo" hits theaters on Oct. 4, but you can catch it via iTunes and On Demand beginning Aug. 29. So keep an eye out, and also watch your hiney, guys.

Bad Milo Poster