This Gentleman Can Do 105 Extremely Solid Impressions

Maybe a close friend of yours can do that one killer impersonation of James Earl Jones. Maybe your Uncle Dirk (yes, you have an uncle named Dirk) has always been able to bring the house down at Thanksgiving with his other-worldly impression of George W. Bush. Maybe you secretly hope strangers at parties ask you to perform Bill Pullman's legendary speech from "Independence Day." Maybe that happens.

Alas, the likelihood is that none of the three of you have the skills of a gentleman by the name of Quinton Kappel in the above video, who can trot out 105 rock solid impersonations of various legendary actors and obscure cartoon characters in a mere six minutes and 25 seconds. Also, as an added bonus, he kind of looks like Dave Coulier.

And even if there is some inconsistency in each impression's quality (his "Heath Ledger Joker" is outstanding, his "Quagmire" gets a C+ with a "See me after class"), it's hard to argue with the versatility. Safe to say if Coulier Jr. DOES in fact eventually become a voice actor in Hollywood, he won't be pigeon-holed into any one particular squeaky-voiced role requiring multiple bizarre facial contortions.