Stars Test Their Sci-fi Knowledge in 'Geeks Or Poseurs?' The 2013 San Diego Comic-Con Edition

San Diego Comic-Con is the one event where your spellbinding knowledge of "Star Wars" will get you mad dates. But while you're rattling off those Darth Vader facts like a geek champ, you can't help but notice the droves of people that wish they were on your level. And guess what? Harrison Ford, Hugh Jackman and  Aaron Eckhart are on that list.

Yes, while you are the true geek master, many A-list celebrities are what MTV News' Josh Horowitz likes to call poseurs. In a 2013 San Diego Comic-Con Edition of  MTV After Hours' "Geeks Or Poseurs," Horowitz put many celebrities to the sci-fi test. How many really knew what the Wolverine's claws are made out of or which district Katniss Everdeen hails from? Ahem...not many. And these guys are the stars of Comic-Con. Shame shame!

Though there are some saving graces to the name of celebrity geekery. Jeff Bridges passes the test with flying colors and Ginnifer Goodwin, though nervous at the beginning, proves to be quite geeky. You do you, Snow White!

Check out the LOL-worthy clip above, and pay close attention to the interesting angry Chewbacca impressions at the end. We can't tell if it's "Star Wars" or just enraged folks after a too-filling Thanksgiving dinner. Either way, someone's screaming.