'Romeo and Juliet' Trailer: Dangerous Love and Fancy Accents

Stop us if you've heard this one before: Dude named Romeo meets a chick named Juliet. They fall madly in love. It ends badly.

But wait! This adaptation of Shakespeare's classic tale "Romeo and Juliet" has a somewhat different flavor. "Downton Abbey"'s Julian Fellowes took care of the screenplay, while Oscar-nominated Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth are on star-crossed lover duty. Carlos Carlei directs.

MTV debuted the first trailer for the flick today, which offers all the drama, English accents and vaguely remembered junior year lit curriculum we can handle. And, look, danger! The tagline for this particular iteration: "The most dangerous love story ever told." And, as a bonus, Paul Giamatti and Ed Westwick (XOXO) both make appearances in the Bardtastic flick.

Montagues will be Montagues and Capulets will be Capulets when "Romeo and Juliet" bows everywhere October 11.