Supercut: Boy, Wolverine Sure Does Scream A Lot

As an actor, when you play the same character approximately 37,653 times (margin of error +/- 37,648), you're bound to give that character some of the same mannerisms over the course of its movie lifetime.

Hugh Jackman (and each movie's writer and director, I guess) decided that Wolverine likes to scream. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. As compiled by our compadres at Vulture, embedded is a supercut of Wolverine screaming and shouting and hollering and grunting, a 1:17 video of which I could only reach the :54 second mark without having to give my ears a one minute break.

To be fair, Logan has had a lot to scream about. He's been stabbed a bunch. He's been pretty angry at times. His body was infused with adamantium (a fictional indestructible metal) against his will. I'd probably scream a lot, too. So would you. We'd all scream. For ice cream. (Sorry.)

And if you can make it all the way until the end of the montage of wails, well, there may or may not be a surprise in the form of Jean Valjean waiting for you at the end as a reward (penalty)?

"The Wolverine" hits theaters today. Go watch Hugh Jackman scream! Bring the whole family!