Proof That Aubrey Plaza Was Born to Play 'Daria'

It's been 11 years since we've last seen a new episode of MTV's "Daria." Ahhh, what a treasure it 'twas: Daria Morgendorffer, a deadpan girl with oversize glasses (and green coat), tries to survive a town, high school and family filled with...well, idiots.

CollegeHumor thinks it's time to bring "Daria" back from the syndication dead. And we couldn't agree more — we actually miss seeing "Sick Sad World" on a day to day basis. But CH thinks "Daria" not only needs to head to the big screen, but with real actors too. And who do they want as Daria? Aubrey Plaza, of course.

Truthfully, it's ideal casting. Plaza is literally the 3D Daria. The deadpan! The vacant, menacing expression! The tear-inducing sarcasm! Plaza has it all, and she's perfect to slip into Daria's classic combat boots.

Check out this trailer from the dudes at CH, where Plaza stars as Lady Morgendorffer in the live-action "Daria's High School Reunion." Daria returns to her beloved(?) Lawndale to attend her alma mater's 10 year class reunion. And it's like no time has passed.

Quinn's still annoying. Daria's father is still a little...erm, on edge. Brittany and Kevin (not to be confused with this couple) actually think they're still in high school— kegs, PDA and all.  Mystic Spiral is as angsty (and oddly sexy) as ever. Meanwhile, Daria and her only friend Jane stand in the middle of this hot mess, making snide comments and hoping for destruction. Ahhh, it smells like teen spirit feels like 2002.

Relive your "Daria" obsession above, and let's get a petition going to make this into a real thing.