Duh, Ryan Gosling Won't be in 'Star Wars'

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Whoever started this rumor, dude(s), we like your enthusiasm and all but c'mon... Ryan Gosling in a "Star Wars" movie? It's way too absurd to be even remotely believable, in this galaxy or one far, far away.

So, it probably wasn't even necessary for his people to reach out and officially put the big fat kibosh on that line of chatter, though they did.

Long story short, the Gos was recently rumored to have had a meeting with "Star Wars: Episode VII" director (at least, for now) J.J. Abrams about possibly portraying Luke Skywalker's son, and if that wasn't clue enough of the bogusness, Zac Efron too was said to be in talks for a part as — get this — "we don't know ... could be a Solo kid." Uh huh.

Wiser heads would likely take this one with a giant grain of salt, but nevertheless Gosling's reps reached out to Huffington Post to state simply, "this is not true." So, there you have it. Ryan Gosling is not heading into movie space anytime soon ... as if it wasn't already obvious, given his history of friendless and/or effing freaky screenfellows.

Chances are, this whole thing spawned from a combination of the "Star Wars" Disney buy-out plus Gos' history as a Mouseketeer (Efron also starred in a popular Mousey property, "High School Musical"), so the dots connection is easy peasy on this one.