Sly Stallone Teams with 'Fruitvale Station' Duo for 'Rocky' Spin-off 'Creed'

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A seventh installment to that long-lived bruiser "Rocky" franchise is happening, people, but before you start groaning, you should know that this time Mr. Balboa won't be throwing himself into the ring again ('cause, yah, that would just be absurd. Enough already). Instead, he'll be rustling up the old gloves to train none other than Apollo Creed's grandson.

And, yo, Adrian, we kinda like that idea.

According to DeadlineSylvester Stallone has now gotten himself a little "Creed" dream team in the form of the celebrated "Fruitvale Station" duo, writer-director Ryan Coogler and actor Michael B. Jordan, so things are bound to start moving quickly on the project. We can already picture a montage of the trio locked in a room, sweating bullets as they hammer out the script, set to "Eye of the Tiger." We digress.

It's been a long time since Dolph Lungdren's Drago took Rocky's former competitor-turned-bestie Apollo Creed out in "Rocky IV" (28 years, in fact), so flashing forward to present-day, the patriotic-threaded boxer's legacy lives on in the form of his family's riches and comforts. And his grandson (the role Jordan is in talks for) starts eyeing his belated pop pop's line of work, much to the chagrin of his living family, because he's just got the skillz. Enter Rocky, who surfaces from his post-"Rocky Balboa" re-retirement to train the kid.

For those who don't remember Apollo a.k.a. "The Master of Disaster" (who was portrayed by Carl Weathers), he was the champion whom the then-unknown "Italian Stallion" fought (and just barely lost to) in "Rocky."

They later re-matched, and Rocky defeated (and gained the respect of) A.C. in "Rocky II," and then in "Rocky III," the beau became Rocky's manager and close pal. Sadly, the aged Apollo got much more than he bargained for in movie four when he took on the Soviet superstar Drago. So, there's a pretty raw little history to tinker with here.

And apparently Coogler is literally the only man for the job, since he came up with the concept for "Creed" himself when signing with his agency WME, which then put him in touch with Sly who loved it enough to give it his blessing.

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