Nutty Madam Nearly Explodes Watching the New 'Catching Fire' Trailer

With a name like Nutty Madam, you just know that from time to time, things are going to get, well, pretty nutty. And the viral vlogging sensation lived up to her moniker over the weekend with her first YouTube reaction to the brand new trailer for "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire."

How excited was she? Frankly, we'll be surprised if she doesn't literally explode before the movie comes out on Nov. 22.

Not that we blame her. The new trailer, which was released at Comic-Con, does feature a good deal more footage than the old teaser. And yes, it seems so long now since the last movie — "The Hunger Games," of course — came out that it's a hard not to be ready for the dang thing to just come out already. Not to mention, it does look pretty intense and heated, so to speak.

But if your own excitement for "Catching Fire" has been waning at all, your former rapaciousness now in the doldrums of the year and a half that it's taken for movie two to come out, hey. All the more reason to check out this hilarious vid from our favorite web-loon. Trust us when we say, she's excited enough for everybody.

Oh, but do note that she's also excited enough that she drops some f-bombs, so consider yourself properly notified that this is totally NSFW (unless you work somewhere cool).