Celebrating Dennis Farina: 'Dennis Farina's F***-Fest'

Today, the film world lost another good one as police officer-turned movie and television star Dennis Farina passed away at the age of 69 after suffering a blood clot in his lung.

And while we're devastated by the news of his loss, we're also reminded of why it is that Farina won himself an American Comedy Award (and permanent placement in our movie-loving hearts): his gratuitous, always aptly delivered droppage of the "F-bomb."

Yep, while the Chicago native might've had nearly two decades of crime-fighting under his belt before joining the ranks of thespians with 1981's "Thief," he became well-known for his portrayal of quick-tongued and quirky crime boss types in movies like "Midnight Run""Get Shorty" and "Snatch" before getting back to his police roots with "Law & Order."

Through those classic tough-guy personas, he made frequent use of the eff word — so often was it used by him, in fact, that it never seemed to be absent from his on-screen lexicon.

So, while today we mourn the loss of a great actor and remarkable man, we also invite you to celebrate his life and accomplishments as evidenced by this video, aptly titled, "Dennis Farina's F**k-Fest."