'Veronica Mars' Comic-Con Teaser: Kickstart the Anticipation

Long — okay, not that long — before Kickstarter was in the news for giving Zach Braff dubious justification for taking money from people, it was most noteworthy for the organic funding of that long-awaited movie that would serve to sate the uberfrenzied "Veronica Mars" TV show fanbase.

Created by Rob Thomas (not Matchbox 20 Rob Thomas, though that would have been cool too) alongside his leading lady Kristen Bell, the Kickstarter campaign asked fans for $2 million and received over $5 million. That's what you call a win. And now, "Mars" fans are eagerly waiting to see whether they'll get their money's worth or not from the crowdsourced pic.

And lo, this weekend saw the premiere of the film's first teaser video, thrown together for the kids at Comic-Con, many of whom likely contributed directly to what they were watching with their own hard-earned dolla dolla billz.

The vid itself is un-traditional in the sense that it's not necessarily a full-fledged "teaser trailer," per se. That will presumably come later in multiple iterations ... ya know, after filming is actually done. Instead, this is more of a "first-look," with scenes from the as-yet-unfinished new movie interspersed with vintage clips and interviews with Bell, Thomas and others about the character and the revival of the franchise.

Even so, it's probably enough to kickstart, so to speak, the interest of the P.I.'s faithful fellowship.

Meanwhile, Thomas told everyone at SDCC that they should expect "an incredibly ambitious, sprawling low-budget movie ... includ[ing] all those smaller parts that fans really loved."

Are you weeping with joy yet, Marshmallows?