Marvel Head Honcho Says Vin Diesel Could be Luke Cage, Maybe

[caption id="attachment_185461" align="alignleft" width="220"]Vin Diesel Vin Diesel[/caption]

We just knew all that viral showboating was bound to catch up with him at some point.

So, you know how Vin Diesel's basically been making us all his little puppets with those tricksy Facebook posts about his big meeting with Marvel? Well, according to Marvel Studios' President Kevin Feige, the big man might have been making a proverbial mountain out of a molehill when it comes to his relationship with the studio. Doh!

Feige spoke with The Huffington Post this weekend about all the many, many goings on in the Marvel Universe and got the skinny on the Diesel situation.

"Well, here's what I will tell you about Vin," Feige said. "And I'll be very honest with you. We did a press day on the 'Captain America' set last week or something. The very first question was, 'So how did the meeting with Vin Diesel go?" I went, "Here's the funny thing, it hasn't happened yet. It happens at 3 p.m. today.' And they went, 'Oh, really?' And it did and he came by and met. So, I'll say two things: One, there's nothing to announce with Vin. Vin is an amazing guy and an amazing personality."

Sounds like someone might've p-ed off Papa Bear by taking the spotlight away from poor Cap, yeah?

And while Vin Diesel himself pulled another one at Comic-Con during his own "Riddick" panel — vaguely addressing the Marvel-ous issue by saying, "It’s the one thing I’m not supposed to talk about ... there is some very big news coming at the end of this month … Poor Marvel" — Feige assured that he's not sure when, if ever such news might come down (but that it will not be at D23 this August).

"It's so far ahead it may not even exist," the comic honcho declared. To repeat, that was "may not even exist," you guys.

"So, there's nothing to announce. But, I love Vin and he's an amazing personality. Look how much attention he's gotten for a meeting. He's incredibly shrewd." Shrewd, huh? Well, there's a backhanded compliment if we ever heard one.

On the other hand, if — and obviously he means to intone it's a big "if" at this point — there were to be some kinda Marvel movie with Vin Diesel, Mr. Feige was at least kind enough to steer us in the right character direction.

"Could someday we do a 'Luke Cage: Hero for Hire' in that kind of vein. Totally," he said.

Now, how did we not see this before? It's uncanny. Also, it's a bit ironic because this fan-made poster of Vin Diesel's Hollywood doppelganger The Rock as Luke Cage apparently made the rounds this year for April Fool's Day, so it was pretty much right there this whole time.

VIn Diesel Luke Cage fan made poster

Oh, and just in case you're thinking that this is the start of some kind of bait-and-switch studio thingy, and Vin Diesel's "Avengers 2" announcement is just around the bend, Kevin Feige also made sure to put his own scruples on the table of this discussion. "I'm not interested in being caught in a lie," he said. "I don't want to be sitting there and someone goes, 'I remember you lied to me!'" Okay, then, we'll be sure and remember that!