Edgar Wright Jokes About Making 2nd 'Ant-Man' Movie With Simon Pegg

Director Edgar Wright may be best known for his "Cornetto trilogy" ("Shaun of the Dead," "Hot Fuzz" and the upcoming "The World's End"), but things are about to get really, really super. As in, superhero.

Wright will direct "Ant-Man," the origin story of a scientist who discovers a way to change his size at will, for Marvel for a Nov. 6, 2015 release.

While doing promotional rounds at San Diego Comic-Con alongside Nick Frost and Simon Pegg for "The World's End," Wright dropped a truth bomb on MTV News' Josh Horowitz: "Ant-Man" is actually two movies, and his bros Pegg and Frost will star.

"We can exclusively reveal to MTV that I'm going to make two ant movies," Wright said. "I'm going to make 'Ant-Man' for Marvel, and then I'm going to make a separate movie with these guys." He gestured to Frost and Pegg.

"Yes, it's also about ant heroes. A buddy duo," he said. "Abdo-Man and the Mighty Thorax...I'm going to release rival ant movies in the same year."

Nah, psyche. Wright was just dodging the question about "Ant-Man's" status, since Marvel is known for keeping information under the tightest of wraps. He has confirmed, however, that the script for the film is finished, which is giant news for a movie about a tiny man.