'Avengers 2' Gets a Title: 'Age of Ultron'

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Not to be topped by Warner Bros.' big reveal that there will be a Superman/Batman duo movie released in 2015, Marvel took center stage to close out Saturday night's San Diego Comic-Con programming by dropping a bomb of its own: The second installment of "Marvel's The Avengers" will be called "Age of Ultron."

In a surprise move, "Avengers" director Joss Whedon took to the stage after an hour-long presentation of footage and cast discussions with "Guardians of the Galaxy," "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and "Thor: The Dark World."

Set for release in 2015, the superhero superteam sequel looks to be based on a 10-issue series of comics by the same name, which was published in 2013.

A quick teaser, showing Iron Man-esque armor crossfading into an image of Ultron's helmet, was also shown to the ecstatic crowd. Marvel also quickly released the first art for the film, a logo:


There was no mention of Vin Diesel, who has hinted extensively at involvement in Marvel's Phase 3, though fans (and MTV's own Josh Horowitz) theorize that he could play Vision, a major player in the Ultron story.