'The Fault In Our Stars': Ansel Elgort's Intense Preparation

Following "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," "Divergent," "The Maze Runner" and "Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters" — all of which boast either some kinda supernatural or gnarly futuristic pull-in, mind you — that other in-the-works YA adaptation all the kids are pumped about right now is "The Fault In Our Stars," a tearjerker story about a couple of brainy kids who meet during a cancer support group. Yep.

No vamps, train-jumping or tyrannical, game-playing government in sight ... although it does have two "Divergent" initiates on-board with Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, who'll jump from playing her brother in the dystopian actioner onto becoming her beau. So, how is the guy planning to prep for the transition?

Elgort chatted up MTV's Josh Horowitz in the above vid about that very subject during his Comic-Con "Divergent' pimpage, and according to him, he and Woodley are going to do some deeply sincere research for their parts as the cancer-stricken couple.

We're going to visit some cancer hospitals and talk with kids and patients who've had the same things that our characters will have," Elgort explained. "We're going to probably go and meet with [author] John Green in Indiana and see the Funky Bones and the different places in the book. So, it's really exciting, the process is going to be great."

Elgort also touched on the subject of whether it was a boon for his audition that he'd been working with Woodley over in Chicago beforehand, saying "I'm sure it helped ... We already were becoming best friends on throughout ['Divergent'], and then I tested in L.A. with her for that, and just the chemistry was perfect, and we're both so excited to do it." Hey, at least the guy can admit to a 'lil bit of nepotism, so to speak.