Overheard at Comic-Con 2013

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Okay, we'll be honest with you. The best thing about Comic-Con isn't the panels or the parties or the cosplay or those delicious eight-dollar hot dogs. Those are all terrific, but there's actually something even better than any of that.

The best thing about Comic-Con is the strange, wonderful, bizarre and often completely random things you'll overhear attendees, staff members and sometimes even celebrities say as they traverse the convention floor, Hall H, the bathrooms, the press room, the hotels and all the other locations that make up the San Diego Comic-Con experience.

Here are some examples of what we've heard so far. And remember, sometimes the best context is no context at all.

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• "I squealed a couple times." — Adult male after Marvel panel showcasing "Avengers 2," "Guardians of the Galaxy," "Captain America: The Winter Solider" and "Thor: The Dark World."

• "How the f**k do they do this to us ever year?!" — Super-psyched Marvel fan after its panel

• "I can literally reach out and touch the pirate lady's boob." — Overly excited Congoer

• Two unrelated Waldos (of "Where's Waldo?" spot each other across the sidewalk.

Waldo 1: "Waldo?"

Waldo 2: "Waldo!"

(They hug each other.)

• "The rabbit was an asshole last night." -- Young woman near Hall H

• "Bradley Cooper was air guitaring the whole time." — MTV writer recapping the Metallica show

• "I don't believe those people sitting there are part of the Lost & Found." -- Congoer near Lost & Found

• "Is that Henry Cavill's actual suit? Because I wanna know how big his junk is." — Fan at the superman suit exhibit booth

• "Please don't scratch up the suit, it was $1800!" — Stormtrooper in a crowd

• "I hear he's a big stoner." — Kevin Smith on Harrison Ford during the MTV livestream

• "Oooooooh." — Congoer making orgasm noise getting up from his seat after Fox's "X-Men" panel

• "There's a topless nun here." — Partygoer at "Hell Baby" happy hour

• "Her taste buds are awful!" -- Disapproving friend

• "Have you two ever considered Jesus?" — One of the ubiquitous "Christian protestors"

• "George R.R. Martin Kills Characters Because You Sin" — Sign held by the protestors to all the Christian protestors

• "Staten Island." — Bill Paxton's response to Josh Horowitz's geek IQ trivia question, "What district is Katniss Everdeen from?" on the MTV Livestream

• "Why do I love Batman? Because he's a real person." — Comic book-writer

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• "Jennifer Lawrence. If you had sex with her, you'd become immortal." — Yammering guy in press room

• "The dragons represent STDs." — Another yammering guy in press room, re: "Game of Thrones"

• "How would you even make out with a headless guy?" — Young woman on her cell phone

• "I'm so sweaty. I need to change my shirt." — Scott Porter ("Friday Night Lights") at "The To-Do List" party

• "Don't creep on girls in costume. Don't be that guy." — Cosplayer dressed as Wonder Woman in our Do's and Don'ts Guide to Comic-Con.

• "Good morning, everyone. Welcome to Hall H, where all of your wildest dreams come true." — Security guard

• "Do we look as cool as we do in my mind?" — Cosplayer in exhibition area

• "Her belly button could stop wars." — Congoer re: an attractive attendee in a revealing outfit

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• "I mean, I reeeeeally hate Zach Galifiniakis, I don't get it." — Congoer who doesn't get Zach Galifianakis

• "Is that an escaped mental patient or a cosplayer?" — Congoer re: a man in a hospital gown standing on a street corner

Attendee #1: "Are you ready? Are you ready to go in there?"

Attendee #2: "No, I need more medicine."

• "Do you see anyone else dressed as a Pokemon here? I don't THINK so." — Man dressed as Pokemon

• "Hey Mike! I've got your scurvy!" — An attendee shouting across the convention floor

• "Look at Evan and Christina. Today they're the Flinstones. Yeeeeah that's a like." — Con attendee looking at Facebook on her phone

• "Why are you saying 'excuse me'? We're not going anywhere. Nobody is." — Mother to daughter who thinks "excuse me" is a magic word in pushing through Hall H

• "He kissed in-between my toes, but that's it." — Teenage girl to friend on convention floor