'Divergent's' Theo James Spoke in an American Accent For the Entire Shoot

When MTV News' Josh Horowitz stopped by the set of "Divergent"  earlier this month, he didn't realize something out of the ordinary: Actor Theo James, who plays Four in the film, was speaking in an American accent.

Why is this so interesting, you ask? Well, Mr. James is originally from across the pond, and his normal accent is full-fledged English (thus increasing his level of va-va-voom). Let's take a brief second and pretend he is best friends with fellow British hottie Henry Cavill. 


Okay, moment's over. So, what gives? Why was James speaking in his American accent even when he wasn't in character? Well, Horowitz caught up with James at San Diego Comic-Conalong with his "Divergent" costar Shailene Woodley, director Neil Burger and author Veronica Rothto get some answers.

James said that spending so much time talking Americano helped him maintain the accent.

"For me, I think I find it easier to just be in the space all the time, so it becomes second nature because if I'm switching back and forth suddenly you're going to get a weird Cockney Four," James told MTV.

And if you believe Burger, James' commitment to the role went even further.

"He stayed dressed in his costume the whole time, 14 weeks," Burger joked to MTV.

Now there's a behind-the-scenes visit we'd die to see. "Divergent" is slated for a March 21, 2014 release.