'The To Do List' Stars Learned New Sex Positions While Filming

Know what a "bumping donut" is?

Well, neither did we… until we watched this interview. One thing's for sure — the cast of "The To Do List" has no problem talking about sex.

MTV News' Josh Horowitz got a chance to sit down with stars Aubrey Plaza, Rachel Bilson, Scott Porter and Alia Shawkat at San Diego Comic-Con to chat about their new movie, which Bilson describes as a coming-of-age film. (Sex jokes, so many sex jokes).

In the raunchy comedy, Plaza plays Brandy Klark, a college-bound valedictorian who wants to shed her good-girl image before heading to university. With the help of her friends and older sister (Bilson), Brandy creates a list of all of the "activities" she missed out on in high school and attempts to check them off one by one. What results is a hilarious comedy filled with sexual innuendos, F-bombs, and awkward high school memories.

Although well beyond their teen years, the cast says they learned a lot about these, ahem, "activities" from filming the movie. "We all learned a lot of different sexual acts," says Plaza, "what they are and what they feel like."

Find out what exactly the actors learned — and what a "bumping donut" is, seriously — in the interview above.