'Ender's Game' Comic-Con Goodies: New Video and Posters Go Viral

The world still has a few more months to go before "Ender's Game" hits theaters on Nov. 1, but mega-fans can curb their Formic-sized appetites right now with some new Comic-Con-based promo treats, which are currently causing some hooplah on the web.

Summit Entertainment debuted a new video clip from the movie last night, starring one of the film's studliest leaders, Harrison Ford. Ford of course plays Colonel Hyrum Graff, who, along with the help of the International Military, recruits and trains the brightest young Earthling minds in order to defeat a not-so-friendly band of aliens called the Formics. The Formics almost defeated the human race once before, as this new vid details, but International Fleet Commander Mazer Reckham (Ben Kingsley) managed to best those space suckers by a hair. Woo hoo! 'Merica!

Now, though, those pesky Formics are at it again, and this time Graff wants to make sure the battle isn't so close. The pressure (ya givin' me agita)!

The new video has Colonel Graff telling viewers — does this mean us too? Oh, the fourth wall conundrum! — that we have a responsibility to sharpen our battlin' skillz and crush the Formics so innocent Earth peeps will not be destroyed again. Yeesh! And here we thought those S.A.Ts were a challenge for teens.

In addition, Summit also released some new character bookmarks posters of Graff, Rackham and the other main characters from the movie — Petra Arkanian (Hailee Steinfeld), Major Gwen Anderson (Viola Davis), Sergeant Dap (Nonso Anozie) and Andrew "Ender" Wiggin (Asa Butterfield), the titular youngster Graff sees as the most promising Battle Schooler. Good luck savin' the world, buddy!



But wait, there's more (cue the infomercial music)! Summit also debuted an online aptitude test that prospective galactic warriors can take to see how they would fare in battle. Give us a failing grade now and make us stay home, please! Annnd there's also another fun little promotional video fans can watch, too. Finally, Summit's currently hosting a little Ender's Game Fan Experience fare over at SDCC, and a preview of that can be found here.

This movie is clearly ready for launch, pesky boycott issues notwithstanding of course.