'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Comic-Con Teaser: Electro Makes His Blue Debut

Comic-Con starts today in San Diego and for millions of fans around the world, that means one thing: sneak previews of all the coolest films of the next year. For people actually attending the convention, though, it can be difficult to choose which event to attend what with so many movies being hyped at once.

The solution? A teaser teasing a teaser — ahhhh, the nature of the biz today — like this first look at Jamie Foxx's new villain Electro in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2."

The good news is we get to hear and see Electro for the first time (!!). The bad news? Well, the bad news is that this half-minute clip is actually just a teaser to entice fans to attend Sony's "Amazing Spider-Man 2" preview event at Comic-Con tomorrow, where the real Electro teaser will apparently be unveiled.

"You want to know how powerful I am?" Foxx says in this clip. "Well, I want to know too." (So do we! Stop screwing around and show us already! Pretty please with a lightning-filled blueberry on top?)

Sigh. If you've been wondering what Foxx's Electro will look and sound like in action, this is your chance to get a first-glimpse. As a wise man once said, carpe diem. Tomorrow is so far away, after all. And for a lot of us, so is Hall H.

By the by, for those interested in keeping tabs on all-things-Electro, here's the first-glimpse character art EW dropped (via Flicks & Bits) earlier this month.

Jamie Foxx as Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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