The 5 Best Tidbits from Tom Cruise's Impromptu Grad Speech

Tom Cruise stopped by the graduation ceremony of the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Acting School in California this past weekend to deliver a surprise speech, delighting everyone lucky enough to be in the room (except, perhaps, the poor tenured professor who had been planning for months to speak at commencement).

Cruise has a lot to say in ten minutes, but we've decided the following five tidbits from the speech are the most interesting — or at least entertaining — of all.

1.) He was always interested in "why?"

Becoming a successful actor - or at least, a believable actor - presumably requires an abnormal amount of empathy; Cruise being forever interested in "why?" makes sense, considering his acting pedigree-slash-his interest in weird religions based off of '50s sci-fi novels.

2.) He had saved up money to travel Europe after high school, but used it to move to New York to become an actor instead.

After 30 years, we've decided that this was in fact a wise decision, Tom.

3.) He couldn't sleep during production of his first movie, "Taps," because he was so excited.

And also because George C. Scott was a snorer.

4.) He strongly emphasizes personal responsibility and owning your own life decisions.

This mindset is how Cruise can live with "Valkyrie."

5.) He really, really likes shouting.

A large portion of the last minute of the embedded video is dedicated to Cruise (theatrically, but unintelligibly) shouting. He likes doing that.

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