'Dear Mr. Watterson' Trailer: Love Letter to Calvin and Hobbes

Well here's something we're pretty sure Calvin won't be peeing on.

Bill Watterson basically yelled "peace out!," dropped his pen like rappers drop microphones and ducked out of the public eye after changing the world of comic strips with "Calvin and Hobbes." He's been legendarily protective of the property, too, which is why we haven't seen some animation studio's adaptation with Justin Bieber voicing Calvin (or whatever, which would have probably been even worse than that). We're positive that those truck stop stickers featuring Calvin peeing on basically everything aren't authorized.

Watterson was included in Time Magazine's Top 10 Most Reclusive Celebrities list, so you know that dude ain't coming out of hiding.

Director Joel Allen Schroeder and his pals raised close to $100,000 on Kickstarter about four years ago for a documentary (which he began work on way back in 2007) that's less about Watterson and more about the impact of the beloved little boy and his stuffed tiger. The doc features interviews with fans like Seth Green and fellow comic strip creators like Bill Amend (Fox Trot) and Berkeley Breathed ("Bloom County").

"Dear Mr. Watterson" finally has a distributor and will see a limited release on November 15, 2013.

Dear Mr. Watterson Poster

You know, maybe a "Calvin and Hobbes" movie could be done right.

This fan made trailer for one is pretty great.