So, Benedict Cumberbatch Did the Harlem Shake with his Fingers

Whether he's talking American or Vulcan or just silently, broodily showering up, the "Cumberbitches" of the world seem to f-love just about anything and everything their fella gets into ... so this one's bound to go viral at warp speed.

Benedict Cumberbatch has done his rendition of the Harlem Shake, ladies and gentlemen, using only his fingers. For real.

Apparently, Benny here got a little bored on a recent flight — despite the fact that, judging by the background of the vid, he was traveling first class — and decided to create his own handsy variation of the little dance craze.

Now, you might think that the trend is so yesterday and tired by now, but if anybody can help reinvigorate a thing, it's the "Star Trek Into Darkness" badboy himself, no?

The video, which was unearthed by our pals over at Hypable, apparently came by way of a friend of his named Adam Ackland (the same guy who posted a picture of Cumberbatch with a baby), who captioned it, "BC hand dancing..." And suddenly the hand dance becomes a thing all its own. Thanks BC!

Also, as we well expected, 'cause duh, the YouTube commenters have been wildly enthusiastic about this coming into their lives so suddenly.

YouTube reacts to Benedict Cumberbatch Harlem Shake

Also, even though the video was just posted yesterday, the internet has already come up with this.