Helen Mirren Wants in on a New 'Fast and Furious' Movie

The real reason that Vin Diesel and company have already made six (it'll be seven as of next summer) successful "Fast and Furious" movies is because, in short, it kinda embraces its own absurdity. Yes, of course, Vin Diesel can jump 250 feet over a highway off of a moving car to catch his girlfriend in mid-air. Can't you? And, dude, yes some airplane runways do stretch the length of the Great Wall of China. Duh!

So, why can't the demure and yet still so bada** Helen Mirren — who can totally wield a semi-automatic just as handily as Bruce Willis in "Red 2" — get in on some of that street-racing fun? She may be 67 years old, but age is just a number when you're born to ride!

Indeed, as this video chat with On The Red Carpet reveals, dame Mirren totally "loves Vin Diesel" and openly wishes to be cast in a future "Fast and Furious" movie. Just when you thought Helen Mirren couldn't rock any harder ...

Speaking on behalf of the rest of the movie-loving world: This needs to happen. Vin Diesel, big dog, we're looking at you to carry this one onto the finish line. Use some of that Facebook trickery of yours to make it happen. Oh, and forget pegging her as some rogue street racer with a heart of gold; just go ahead and make her your next diabolical villain. She's got this.

Just picture it: "'Fast and Furious 8: The Rise of Mirren,' in theaters Summer 2016." Not only will the movie make ninety gajillion smackers, but the world will be a better place for it.