Edgar Wright: 'Ant-Man' Script Finally Finished

Once upon a time, long before the beginning of the Universe as we know it (the Marvel Universe, that is), a man by the name of Edgar Wright sat down to write a script about a tiny hero named Ant-Man. You may know Mr. Wright as the dude who made hardy har har-ish movies like "Shaun of the Dead," "Hot Fuzz" and "The World's End," but through all the chuckles, he wrote and wrote and wrote about his little antennaed friend.

Unfortunately, he kept having to change his story because things like "Iron Man" and "The Avengers" kept changing the Universe ... With Marvel finally geared up to launch Phase Three, though, the world has become his colony, and he's been able to finish the script for his  "Ant-Man" once and for all.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Edgar Wright revealed that he's now finished re-writing "Ant-Man" ... a mere eight years after he started. Congrats, we guess?

"Ant-Man," for the uninitiated (and those who somehow couldn't figure it out just from the name), is a science-y hero of the "Avengers" world who can shrink down to ant size. He also can talk to ants using a special cybernetic helmet, and occasionally he rides the ants around as transportation.

All of which is cool and everything, but the main draw is Wright himself, to the point that Marvel approached him about making a movie even before "Iron Man" brought superhero sexy back to the studio in '08. Between Wright's busy schedule and the ever-changing details of Marvel's shared universe, though, it took some time.

"The script is all done. I actually put 'Ant-Man' on the back burner to make ['The World's End']," Wright revealed. "They were actually very good in terms of like, 'well, we'll see you in two years!' The thing is, that character has been around since like 1962, so he's not going anywhere. And the later we leave it, the better the special effects will be."

Of course, now that Wright and co-writer Joe Cornish have finished the script, there's just the small matter of actually making the movie, but no biggie right?

Meanwhile, rumors are already flying about potential casting choice (see this tidbit about Vin Diesel, e.g.), and with a firm release date of Nov. 6, 2015, fans can finally start getting excited about "Ant-Man." Even if it has taken a full decade to come to fruition.