'The Conjuring' Trailer Remade with Paper, and It's Totally Scary

When it comes to freaky movie trailers, "The Conjuring" has got it goin' on. Rarely does a horror movie's all-audiences-approved teaser actually scare the bejesus out of a person — especially those of us who've become relatively immune to the boo-factor scares — but somehow the paranormal peek was able to pull it off relatively effortlessly and leave us triple-dead-bolting the basement door.

And, whaddya know, the thing's even spookier in paper format.

Above, we have the trailer for "The Conjuring," but instead of real landscapes and real camera shots and real humans, the wizards at Shut Up! Cartoons remade it so that everything is made out of paper. You might think such a thing would be silly, but not so. All that terror inherent in the original trailer is right there, dudes and dudettes.

There's a small chance we're just impressed because we read way too many John Bellairs books once ago and the animation is mostly the same, but even still we could totally see this "Paper Conjuring" business at full-length, with some summer debut keeping people mostly entertained and raking in more dough than the "The Lone Ranger" ... Wait, is that new Kickstarter campaign idea we smell? No?

"The [Real] Conjuring" hits theaters on July 19.