'It's Always Sunny in Pacific Rim,' Because Yes

Friday's "Pacific Rim" is, in its very nature, pretty f**king dark. Alien monsters emerge from the ocean out of nowhere and aim to destroy humanity. Not exactly a barrel of laughs.

That's why director Guillermo Del Toro was wise to cast Charlie Day, the best part of FX's long-running "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," for a bit part, if only to prevent audiences from becoming too overwhelmed with apocalyptic fervor. As in, "Oh God Oh God that dude just got eaten skyscrapers are falling little girls are crying HOLY S**T it's Charlie! (smiles)."

Not only that, but casting Charlie Day also allows people who live on the internet the option to splice together a quick little "Always Sunny" intro using clips from the trailer! Yes, we all knew it was coming, and yes, it still delivers, if only from a "this movie itself is innately super stressful to watch but this is fun and lighthearted" perspective. It's the little things, right? Like Charlie Day.

The only issue is, now I really want Ron Perlman to guest star on an episode (a few episodes?) of "Always Sunny," and I feel like that might be wishful thinking. Actually, Perlman seems kind of secretly made for comedy, no? Quick, someone finally kill his character on "Sons of Anarchy" so we can move this process along. Thanks.