Russell Crowe Signs On to Imaginary 'Man of Steel' Prequel

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With "Man of Steel" nearing the $600 million mark worldwide, Warner Bros is already hard at work on a sequel, while fans and industry experts are happily speculating over which villain is going to be next in line to get their neck snapped by Zack Snyder's ragingly emo Superman.

But while most folks are focused on the franchise's future, there's at least one bloke fixated on the past: "Man of Steel" co-star Russell Crowe, who revealed to the Twitterati this weekend that he's totes down for appearing in a "Man of Steel" prequel about Jor-El's time on Krypton.

If, you know, anything like that was actually happening.

Which, of course, it isn't as far as anybody knows. But apparently Crowe has just been absolutely bombarded with questions from fans asking whether there will be a prequel explaining the events at the beginning of "Man of Steel," where [spoilers!] Jor-El and Michael Shannon's General Zod square off with the fate of the doomed planet at stake.

Of course, given how incredibly long that sequence is, it almost qualifies as an entire prequel in its own right. But Crowe is ready for more — and as you can see from this exchange, he doesn't mind playing dress up to do it:

Duly noted, sir.