Chris Evans Rides the Dystopia Train in 'Snowpiercer' Trailer

For the past quarter century, there's been a running joke that almost every action film is a ripoff of "Die Hard," just set in ever more unlikely situations. "Speed" is "Die Hard" ...on a bus. "Under Siege" is "Die Hard" ...on a boat. "Lockout" is "Die Hard" a space prison. Seriously.

But now it's a new century and there are new franchises to rip off, which may explain why the new YouTube trailer for "Snowpiercer" appears to be "The Hunger Games" ...on a train.

Hey, at least it has Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton in it.

Not that you would ever recognize Swinton in this clip, given that she's dolled up like a mutant hybrid of Effie Trinket and Dolores Umbridge. But that's just part of the mad genius (?) of Korean director Joon-Ho Bong ("Mother," "The Host")  who stages this dystopian train ride like it's the single most serious thing that's ever happened in the history of the world.

Evans, naturally, plays the rebel who rises up from the cheap seats to challenge the engineers in charge of this deadly choo-choo. And if that doesn't sound like a surefire recipe for box office success, all we can say is, yippee-ki-yay.

No word yet from the Weinstein Company when they'll be releasing "Snowpiercer" domestically, but you can check out the trailer right now.