Chew on These Mind-Blowing Disney Easter Eggs

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Even the buffest of Disney buffs might catch a surprise or two with this one.

Okay, so you probably already know about some of Disney's little Easter Eggs, like when Scar from "The Lion King" was featured as a rug (and "a very handsome one," as Zazu predicted) in "Hercules," or when the plastic "Toy Story" hero Buzz Lightyear showed up in the dentist's toy chest in "Finding Nemo."

And if you're real nerdy (read: awesome) about this kinda thing, you might've even noticed that moment in "Tarzan" when our favorite mother-son dishware pair — Mrs. Potts and 'lil Chip from "Beauty and the Beast," of course! — lined the table. But there's no way you caught onto these little winks at Disney history before ... or did you?!

Our pals Picstache churned out a nice little list of some of Disney's film homages to, well, Disney's other films, and thanks to it we learned things like how in "Toy Story 2," the book that Mrs. Potato Head was reading to all the little Toddle Tots was (drum roll, please) ... "A Bug's Life"!

Disney Easter Egg1

If you squint really hard you can totally see Flik and his ant pals!

Speaking of squinting, there was a blink-and-you'd-miss-it moment in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" wherein a whole cavalcade of Disney's finest came out to play. No, seriously, they were prancing around right there on the street.

Disney Easter Egg2

On the far left, you'll notice our porky pal Pumbaa, and then towards the right, that "Aladdin" Magic Carpet's getting a little shake-down while Miss Belle does her usual nose-to-book thing just below.

Meanwhile, in "Wall-E" it was the Pizza Planet truck which a cameo among the wreckage ... which was totally appropriate, since the whole movie was about machinery anyway.

Disney Easter Egg3

... And big daddy Titan from "The Little Mermaid" made himself a grand entrance during "The Princess and the Frog" parade, too.

DIsney Easter Egg5

Believe it or not, that's still not all there is to stew on, so hit up the 'stache for even more of these delectable little Easter Egg morsels.