James Franco Wants Jon Hamm to Share his 'Sound and Fury'

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James Franco's ready to roll up his sleeves and direct another one from the William Faulkner stacks, ya'll.

Next up for the lit-loving multi-hyphenate is an adaptation of "The Sound and the Fury," a stream of consciousness styled sendoff to the guards of the Old South. Central to the story are the Compsons of Jefferson, Miss., a formerly wealthy and powerful family whose glory days are quickly being replaced with an endless onslaught of ruin and shame. The story's told through multiple points of view, but for the big daddy role, Franco wants some Hamm. Jon Hamm. And he might just get his way, too.

According to the L.A. Times, Franco's been busy tooling away at a script for "Fury" with his Yale buddy Matt Rager who'd helped him put together his last Faulker film redux, "As I Lay Dying."

And while he's got a little acting to do [insert Franco shoulder shrug] and to oversee his Indiegogo baby before he can really get going on the thing after summer, he's already got several prime castmates selected for the pic.

For the suicidal role of Quentin, he's plucking his own real-life bro Dave Franco — a bit morbid, maybe? — and he's also got his "This is the End" compadre Danny McBride in line for a part. And, of course, he's saved a 'lil spot for himself. But what he's really hungry for is some Hamm in this dish.

Franco wants Hamm, who'd worked with him in the 2010 Sundance-r "Howl," and as of now, he believes scheduling will comply. If it does, Hamm'll portray Mr. Compson, the well-educated, alcoholic father of the dissipating family (sound familiar?).

Interestingly enough, there's a nerdy connection to be noted here with Hamm and "The Sound of the Fury." His iconic "Mad Men" antihero Don Draper was introduced to the story in Season 2, Episode 11 ("The Jet Set"), after he met some very new-age characters on a trip out to sunny California. Like Mr. Compson in "Sound," Don was forced to reckon with the new gen. Bam! Parallelism! So he's totally already ready for this gig, then.

Don Draper The Sound and the Fury

As for the film itself, Franco told L.A. Times, "We’re in pretty good shape, but there are a few more things that have to happen before we're good."

It's worth noting that his summer schedule, um, got a little lighter once he walked away from his own "Garden" movie, and though he lost some peeps a serious chunk-o-change, he's not that remorseful. Here's the excuse he gave on that: "At some point it was just one person too many I didn't know. And I thought it was better not to have everyone go through these challenges and then no one's happy because we didn't make the movie we wanted to make anyway." Uh huh. We bet there were some sounds of fury coming from others involving in that little situation, though.