Armie Hammer on Playing 'The Lone Ranger:' 'They're Big Boots to Fill'

When Armie Hammer decided to slip into the southwestern-sized boots of John Reid, better known as the Lone Ranger, in the film of the same name, he knew there would be some pressure. And not just from the sweltering heat or his cuckoo bananas costar Johnny Depp (who plays Hammer's Native American partner in crime Tonto), but his family. Dun-dun-dun!

In an interview with MTV News, Hammer admitted that when he accepted the role, he knew he had "big boots to fill." Hey! Your character wears cowboy boots, Hammer! We see what you did there.

"My dad was a big fan, and I know how special the Lone Ranger is to him. To his parents, even more so. My mom's parents, they grew up in Oklahoma. It was a big part of life then," Hammer continued.  "So we wanted to be careful and respectful to those people, and at the same time, we wanted to introduce this movie in a fun way to a new generation as well."

Another huge introduction the film makes is Depp's interpretation of the Tonto character compared to the classic television show. Of course, Tonto would not be a Depp character without some pretty insane alterations. Ya know, like crazy white makeup (à la Willy Wonka, except not as creepy and predatory) and a casual crow headpiece. Even though Depp lassoed in the role of Tonto long before Hammer put on his "Ranger" hat, he had no idea just how wild his costar would take his character.

"It was funny — he did a lot of the work on Tonto before I ever became involved with the project," Hammer said. "So for me, I saw the pictures, I saw what was going on, but I had no idea what to expect. To see him on set doing the thing and how different and amazing Tonto was compared to the TV show, it was great."

Check out the rest of Hammer's interview on "The Lone Ranger" is playing now in theaters nationwide.

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