'Afternoon Delight' Trailer: So, Mom Brought Home a Stripper

"The stripper is in the maid's room. How did the stripper get in the maid's room?" 

Now, that's just not the sort of conversation you want to have with your significant other, right?

Fortunately for Kathryn Hahn's sexless suburbanite mom character, when she does have that little chat with her hubby (portrayed by Ted Mosby Josh Radnor), it's she who's on the grillee end of the roast.

Here we have the first trailer for "Afternoon Delight", a Sundance-debuted dramedy also starring Juno Temple and Jane Lynch, and as you can see the movie revolves Hahn's Rachel, a bored housewife and mother who tries to spice up her sex life by going to a strip club with her husband Jeff (Radnor). There, she finds herself getting some, ahem, private treatment from a nineteen-year-old stripper named McKenna (Temple) — who, we later find out, is not just a stripper but a "full service sex worker" thank you very much. 

In the midst of an obvious marital crisis, Rachel later runs across this young McKenna chick as she's being thrown out of her place and decides to invite her to live in her home and work as her nanny... 'cause, you know, that's not a bad idea or anything. Naturally, Rachel becomes attached to the baby prostitute and, though she's trying to save her, discovers that maybe it's not just McKenna who needs saving in the first place.

The cast, while relatively unknown, looks extremely promising. You may recognize Hahn from her supporting roles in "Girls" and "Wanderlust" and any other number of supporting funny girl roles, but here she finally steps into the leading square. Meanwhile, "Glee's" Lynch co-stars as Rachel's shrink, and Radnor sheds his "How I Met Your Mother" quippiness in favor of a dramatic chops test (insert bad "HIMYM" joke here). Who we're particularly excited to watch here, though, is rising star Juno Temple as the troubled stripper-slash-hooker-turned-nanny. Between "Horns" and "Maleficent" and any number of her other upcoming movies, we're sure to see a lot more of her in the near future — hard though that might be to believe given the nature (and costuming) of this particular role, badum psh.

"Afternoon Delight" was directed by Jill Soloway, who received the U.S. Dramatic Directing Award at Sundance, and is set to hit theaters this Aug. 30.

Watch the trailer 'til the very end to find out the meaning of the film's title, by the way.