Supercut: Every Tumble (Literally!) of Kevin James' Career

Ahhh, Kevin James. We love him for many reasons: the way he owns that jolly, robust appearance and then flings out all those family-friendly zingers. Oh, and there's also the matter of his unique dedication to peanut butter.* But one of the things we really love most about this man (and, let's face it, there's a lotta man to love here) is definitely his tendency to fall down.

Like, it happens everywhere, all the time. Especially in his movies, as this fun mash-up goes to show.

Throughout James' illustrious — c'mon, who's not excited for "Grown Ups 2"? — career, the man has endured several grueling tumbles in the name of physical comedy, from nervous bachelor faux pas (à la "Hitch") to rescuing an obese man from a burning building (in the man-on-man romp "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry"). It's such part and parcel to his humor that to save whatever was happening with him as Paul Blart, the mall cop he practically went the whole movie without being 180 degrees.

So, we could've easily told you before that James' rear has gotten a lotta floor time in films, but now thanks to this supercut from the dudes at VideoJamb, we know that it's happened a whopping 64 (yes, sixty-four!) times ... and counting. It's a wonder the man can even walk after doing things like crashing through glass windows and muscling through some vicious beat-downs in "Here Comes the Boom" (the "boom" being the sound of James as he eats ring mat roughly 400,000 times).

All pity aside, though, it's pretty friggin' funny, so we guess the pain is worth the humor gain. Check out James and all of his tripping glory in the video above.

*You know what we mean, but here it is again: